Home Theaters

Our home theaters are the centre of a home entertainment system - from the latest immersive video formats to exhilarating surround sound - our technical ability delivers the most accurate representation of the cinema maker.

Music Everywhere

Our Music Everywhere concept and platform allows a homeowner to create a cozy sonic ambience in one room and extend it to fill the whole home. Location and device no longer matter as the Music Everywhere platform gives you the freedom to go from heaphones to hi-fi stereo system to soothing background music at a whim.

Movies Anywhere

The Movies Anywhere dream helped us create a system of wireless and wired streaming that allows you to watch a movie Anywhere, on any device. From your mobile phone to a hotel room in a foreign country, your personally curated collection is made available seamlessly.

Smart Homes

Smart Homes respond. From pre-set timer settings to voice and gesture commands, a Smart Home will dim lights, close curtains, lock doors, adjust temperature and be your energy and safety guardian. As the home owner, you are now in complete control.