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Company Profile

The Soundsmiths


Lend us your ears
 It started with a passion, a dream and a vision born of a very simple need; to find a stereo set-up, in India, that could impeccably recreate a live performance.

The search led Aditya Gupta (founder of "The SoundSmiths®") to an audio/video trade show in Mumbai. What he heard there changed everything, not only for him but also for every other music lover in the country.

To his dismay he found that the products, though impressive, were limited in choice and budget and were not well represented in India. It was virtually impossible to find a good stereo set-up without leaving the country.

The only way one could listen to quality products was to venture abroad, an expensive proposition that would still leave one with no proper guarantees or after sales support.

What started as a simple need turned into a quest and it was this quest that fulfilled itself five years ago, with the launch of "The SoundSmiths®".

At about the same time, a few thousand miles away, another budding AV enthusiast was searching for equipment to put together his first quality music system.  His search led him to The Soundsmiths, Aditya’s first customer.

Today, as The Soundsmiths Business Head, Veeryavanta (Veeru) brings years of customer management skills as well as a deep knowledge and appreciation of music.

As a team we add professionalism and passion to any project taken on at The Soundsmiths.

Drop in to our Listening Rooms and we’d love to spend time sharing our joy for music and movies with you.
Why good sound

Good sound is all about passion. The passion for music and how it can reveal itself. It is a quest to recreate details in musical pieces: details of realism, emotion and intensity.

The sound of music and the quality of its reproduction matter deeply. This is expressed in high-end products that are designed by dedicated enthusiasts who combine technical skill with musical sensitivity to craft components that take us a step closer to perfect sound reproduction.

This is when the physical body of components are forgotten and their essence brings us face to face with composer and performer. They enthrall us across time and space, draw us to listen in and appreciate details that are as crisp clear detailed® as the day they were conceived.

These details will leave you wanting, searching and listening for ephemeral marvels who's only purpose is to bring you ever closer, within the four walls of your room, to that perfection and precision that is already a part of your music.

The Company we keep

A high-end stereo system is envisioned by passion, designed by ear and built by hand for only one reason: to enhance and faithfully reproduce music as if it were being performed live, again.

Which is why choosing a music system of high reproduction quality is one of the most important decisions you will make. It can be a daunting task but one that is immensely satisfying in the end.

As you move towards that final decision, we will introduce you to some of the most respected brands in the industry. You will share their vision, their passion and savour their technical prowess.

You will discover that we offer you choice. We offer you Sound Advice®. This is a strength that sets us apart. This is our promise. You will discover our highly selective portfolio of brands to be versatile, realistic and of impeccable repute.

After all our reputation depends on the company we keep.

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