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Sound Advice

Welcome to Sound Advice®.

If I had a Rupee and you had a Rupee - and we exchanged Rupees, we'd still each have a Rupee.  

If I had an idea (information/news...) and you had one - and we exchanged ideas. we'd each have two ideas.  Such is our philosophy for Sound Advice. 

Each week we put out a newsletter that helps us share our insights into our world of audio and video - products, ideas, tips, tweaks, breakthroughs, anecdotes...anything that has enriched our experience.

In our combined experience we have learnt from clients, electrical consultants, acousticians, manufacturers, project managers, trial and error and even product manuals - it is our ubiquitous thirst for knowledge that we would like to share with you on this platform. 

We're waiting to hear you out, to discover your passion and advise you on a set-up that's as individual as you are.

Click here to download our archived newsletters.

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