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Outdoor Speakers

  • TIC Digital Wireless Indoor / Outdoor Speakers WRS010
    TIC Outdoor Wireless Rock Speakers = Weatherproof Design Pair of Stone Wireless Rock Speakers "State of the art" 2.4gHz! operation 8 channel auto-locking functionality “Safe” 9v speaker transformers power supply incl. or uses 6xAA batteries Transmitter mains transformer 110v/ 4.5v Full featured remote control included Remote control power 1x23A battery 360° transmitter unit included
  • TIC Outdoor Omni Speakers GS5
    TIC Outdoor Omni Speakers = Weatherproof Design Pair of Mini Omni Speakers 2x full range 100W drivers True 360º Omni Directional Sound Residential to Commercial Installs 5" Co-Axial Woofer Driver 1" Aluminum cone tweeter
  • TIC Outdoor omni speakers TIC GS10
    TIC Outdoor Omni Speakers = Weatherproof Design Pair of "T-Sound" Omni speakers 2x full range 50W drivers True 360° omni-directional Sound 4" Dual cone speaker drivers 1" Dual cone tweeter ABS impact resistant cabinetry 8Ω standard 30' 18/2 insulated cable wire
  • TIC Outdoor rock speakers tic TFS5
    TIC Outdoor Rock Speakers = Weatherproof Design Silicone sealed Cabinetry Pair of TFS5 Stone Speakers 2x Full range 150W drivers 6.5" Co-Axial Woofer Driver 2" Dual Cone Tweeters Domestic to Commercial Installs 8Ω standard, Optional SP70vTA external switchable 70v system
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