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Product Showcase

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Tailored Soltuions

  • Ad Notam ImageTV
    -On Wall installation. -A sophisticated and decorative alternative to a regular flat screenn TV. -Versatile style. Great for the residential use or commercial foyers. -Available in sizes from 26”to 84” TFT LED screen. -Mirror can be printed with any picture. -Customizable designs. Every TV is individual and unique
  • Ad Notam Lighted TV
    -Options of both on wall in wall installation available. -Custom engineered for harsh bathroom enviornment. -Comes with IP X2 & X4 ratings. -Available in sizes from 13.3” to 21.6” TFT LED screen. -Can be specified in stripes/ squares/ bubbles/ ornate lighting pattern. -Available with waterproof remote as standard.
  • Ad Notam RECESSED TV
    -In wall installation. -Available in a variety of sizes from 13.3” to 84” TFT LED screen. -Colored mirror option available to compliment the interior theme of the living room. -Can be had with magic mirror. -Stylish slimline remote available as standard.
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