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Product Showcase

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  • System Audio SA saxo 1
    SA saxo 1 - small and surprisingly good
  • System Audio SA saxo 8
    Put it on a shelf or hang it on the wall. SA saxo 8 will with its simple design and compelling sound, giving you new ways to discover the artists you love.
  • System Audio SA saxo 10
    SA saxo 10 - powerful and elegant
  • System Audio SA aura 1
    People choose SA aura 1 when they need a small speaker in a very high quality. It covers every need of living and present experiences of all kinds of music.
  • System Audio SA aura 10
    SA aura 10 is designed for people who hear all kinds of music, and who wants speakers that can bring music into your living room.
  • System Audio SA talent
    Fascinated by the open, vivid and rich sound and look around to find the large speakers. But they are not there. Instead you discover two small speaker fronts the size of a sheet of A4 paper. They sit discreetly on the wall and play, so you do not believe your own ears. Therefore, the new speakers from SA deserve their name: talent.
  • System Audio SA mantra 10
    SA mantra 10 is a small speaker that caters for people who demand great experiences. A music system of good quality will give you this incredible experience with SA mantra 10.
  • System Audio SA exact
    Experiences will be much greater, when the sound is exact No other speaker to combine the flexibility, durability and sound quality of the SA exact. Hang it on the wall or put it on a shelf. Regardless of how you choose to live with SA exact, it will surprise you with its incredible sound quality.
  • System Audio SA saxo 30
    The slim saxo 30 model is easily a place in the living room, where it works well in a music system or as front speakers in a good home.
  • System Audio SA XP30
    SA XP30 in a small or medium sized room in a music system or a home theater good quality. Here you will be impressed by the little speaker's sonic clarity and great sound.
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